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Moscow region, Pushkino, Zelenaya roscha str., est. 17

Verba Mayr

Verba Mayr is the only Austrian health center in Russia, a unique place where medical services are provided for health improvement, rejuvenation and life quality enhancement according to European standards of the holistic and integrative medicine.

The approach is based on a therapeutic method developed by F.X. Mayr, an Austrian physician and researcher. Key focuses of the Mayr medicine include: healthy eating, orderly digestion, soft cleaning of the organism, increased vitality. When you arrive at our center, you find yourself in the climate of care and comfort, complete relaxation and rest, which is known to you by the service level of the world’s best Medicine & SPA hotels. The leading approach and qualified medical services, combined with the highest comfort, will allow you to obtain the desired result as soon as possible, without incurring any cost of flight, transfer, visas, and translation of medical documents.

Verba Mayr is:

  • Healthcare medicine with European approach;
  • Efficient combination of up-to-date medical technologies and natural health care methods;
  • Personalized treatment and excellent service;
  • Strict confidentiality and the atmosphere of an elite hotel.

Medical concept

Verba Mayr provides medical care of European quality, according to the strictest standards of the International Society of F.X. Mayr Physicians. We are governed by a holistic approach to the human body, typical for the modern Mayr therapy, combined with latest achievements of the state-of-the-art medicine. Five key focuses of our activity are:

Verba Mayr's principle is personalized approach to each guest.

  • Mayr therapy and special treatment programs;
  • Detox and purification of the body;
  • Anti-stress therapy;
  • Check-up diagnosis;
  • Aesthetic medicine.

Verba Mayr's principle is personalized approach to each guest.


Exclusive medical services, coupled with the comfortable ambience, care and attention of our staff, makes your stay with us maximally pleasant and efficient.

Your reception is prepared well before your check-in. A Mayr therapist studies the test data submitted by you, and builds the logic of the visit. During a 40 minutes’ initial attendance, the doctor will check up your complaints, conduct an examination, following which, will give recommendations as to eating, extra exercises and procedures.

Verba Cuisine Restaurant

Verba Mayr kitchen is our special pride. All recipes have been designed by our cooks in strict compliance with Mayr’s healthy eating principles. Many items are unique and unparalleled throughout the world – such as our amazing gluten-, sugar-, oil- and flavor-agent-free bread. Wonderful lactose- and preservative-free dairy (yogurts, cheeses, butter). Tasty and light fructose-free desserts.

Tasty, light meals of healthy and beneficial products guarantee that the body purification and weight adjustment will be accompanied with the pleasure of healthy eating. Our menu has nothing to do with the traditional vision of diets. With Verba Mayr, you will realize that beneficial can be tasty.


The Austrian health center is a single complex including:

  • Hotel rooms in «Comfort», «Superior» and «Suite Deluxe» categories;
  • Medical and cosmetology departments;
  • Swimming pool and SPA;
  • Fitness room and gym;
  • Conference hall;
  • Library;
  • Chapel.
Verba Cuisine Restaurant

All rooms are designed in a single eco-friendly style developed by a leading Austrian design firm. Each room features panoramic windows opening amazing views of Moscow region’s nature. Orthopedic mattresses and pillows, special bed linen of pure cotton, “live” drinking water in the tap, and oxygen-saturated forest air guarantee your quiet sleep and quick recovery.

Lectures for guests are held daily at our center.
The area is guarded, a parking lot is provided free of charge.
We guarantee our guests’ confidentiality and safety.


The unique microclimate of Pushkino region is well known. Clean, “tasty” air and wonderful mixed forest with prevailing pines and firs is the first thing our guests appreciate.

The landscaped area is not limited by the center’s own park. For active recreation, we have fitted out a 2 km long forest track – a terrain cure. Subject to the season, you may walk, ride a bike, ski, pole walk or jog.

Detox programs

For those wishing to increase their vitality, reduce weight, normalize digestion and improve skin condition, we offer soft purification and recovery programs. Mayr therapists carry out a special treatment – manual belly massage, intended to restore the normal function of the digestive apparatus by eliminating congestive phenomena and spasms.

The Mayr detox features the following effects:

  • Metabolism activation and weight reduction;
  • recovery of normal digestion;
  • achievement of energetic balance and sleep normalization;
  • improved function of the locomotion apparatus;
  • skin rejuvenation, purification, tone recovery;
  • prevention or remission of existing chronic conditions, including allergic reactions.

We offer two kinds of programs: standard and intensive. Duration: 8, 11, 15, 22 days.

A detox program is the best first step on the way of self-care. Passing such programs on a regular, at least twice-a-year basis allows considerably reducing the risk of development of gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and genitourinary systems’ diseases, prevent oncology, normalize sugar and cholesterol levels. A detox program is an important contribution to the enhancement of your and your family members’ health.

Treatment programs

In order to quickly and efficiently correct the consequences of unhealthy lifestyle, stresses, unhealthy eating, we have designed a number of unique programs of which the performance is proven by the longstanding practice of Mayr therapy.

At our center, you can choose of the following comprehensive programs:

«Skin recovery»
rejuvenation, improved tightness and resilience of the skin

«Body shaping»
efficient weight reduction

«Healthy liver»
diagnosis, purification and «protection» of liver

reduction of the stress load on the body. Recovery of sleep and nervous system’s health. Improved ability to brain concentration, solution of non-routine problems

remedy of problems with the locomotion apparatus

«Mayr style hunger therapy»
the fastest way of organism purification, reset and weight reduction


An important part of the center’s activity is diagnosis. In the field of laboratory tests, our center cooperates with the Russian branch of Unilab, a Swiss company. This guarantees high precision, consistency of test data, and possibility to use the data for medical treatment abroad.

At our center, you can undergo the following checkups on an ambulatory or accommodated basis:

«Verba Prevent»
basic examination of main organs and health parameters, which allows defining personal risks or detecting possible diseases at the stage of pre-disease and preventing the disease development

«Thyroid gland»
complete checkup of the thyroid gland helping to detect pathological changes at an early stage

detection of real causes of the excess weight

«Pancreatic diabetes»
diagnosis of type I and II pancreatic diabetes and its complications

«Healthy lungs»
a program of in-depth evaluation of the lungs and bronchi function, assessing the adverse effect of airborne contaminants for the respiratory system, and visualizing real consequences of tobacco smoking

«Cardio risk»
the checkup allows a quick and efficient examination of the cardiovascular system, identification of possible deviations in the heart function, and detection of future disease development risks

«Antiage for men»
overall health diagnosis, determination of the oxidative stress hormone and vitamin levels for men

«Antiage for women»
overall health diagnosis, determination of the oxidative stress hormone and vitamin levels for women


Detection of individual food intolerance. A very important checkup which allows identifying the products of which the consumption causes a latent allergic reaction. Consequences of long-term consumption of such «forbidden» products are often manifested as lack of energy, excessive tiredness, inability to reduce weight, etc.

Establishment of a genetic passport. Study of your genome allows the doctors to draw conclusions in respect of genetic predisposition of a particular individual to a specific disease, and to provide recommendations as to the optimum physical load.

Extra services

At Verba Mayr, you will find an impressive set of body care services. Here are key ones.

  • Reflexotherapy;
  • Ozone therapy;
  • Carboxytherapy;
  • Contour correction;
  • Plasma therapy;
  • Stimulation current therapy;
  • Bioreparation;
  • Pressotherapy, etc.
Recreation and recovery

For those wishing to recreate and pass time with benefit for the appearance and health, the Austrian Verba Mayr center offers wellness and SPA programs. They include massages, wraps, cosmetic cares, relaxing baths, as well as group exercises (breath gymnastics, pole walking, water aerobics and evening relax gym). If desired, the guest may add any other treatments to the program of their choice. A basic SPA option is available, comprising the accommodation at the center, the use of SPA complex, and healthy meals at the Verba Cuisine restaurant.

Verba Mayr coaches offer individual trainings to guests, prepare personalized programs for self-exercising, conduct exercises on a unique kinesiotherapy complex named «Exarta».

Aesthetic medicine

To those striving for rejuvenation and skin health improvement, our center offers a set of anti-age and aesthetic medicine. Verba Mayr offers:

  • Deluxe care brands: CellCosmet, St.Barth, Elemis;
  • Laser rejuvenation;
  • Placentary therapy («Laennec»);
  • Injection treatments (RegenLab plasma lifting, biorevitalization, contour correction, etc.);
  • Thread-based rejuvenation;
  • Hair and scalp treatment (trichology);
  • Carboxytherapy;
  • Ozone therapy;
  • Infusions.

Our approach is not limited by the external action. According to the basic principle of the Mayr medicine, only the beauty inside allows achieving the real beauty outside. Therefore, aesthetic treatments go hand in hand with the regular eating, healthy sleep, day regimen, supplement of the beneficial substances deficite with probiotics, «youth infusions» and biologically active additives.

For our guests to become perfectly fit, a set of unique tools is available. In particular, our center disposes of:

• Slim up Drain and Slim up Ultra devices, helping to fight fat deposits, remove excess weight and reduce cellulite manifestations;

  • A cryosauna with general conditioning effect, contributing to vital force and energy surge, accelerating the
  • metabolism, improving the immunity;

  • A vacuum chamber. Saturates cells with oxygen, improves the working capacity, de-stresses, helps overcoming the
  • insomnia.

    Massages and cares

    Verba Mayr is famous for its massages. Among them, the lead is held by massages using the unique Mayr technique (vacuum-gradient detox massage, relaxing, reflexogenic head and neck massage, etc.).

    The center’s specialists have been trained in the Mayr massage techniques by their European colleagues, and now use them efficiently for the purposes of health recovery and solution of various health problems. Also, all kinds of medical massage, aroma massage, sport, honey, lipo-sculpturing, anti-cellulite massages are offered.

    Our specialists will offer you comprehensive body care treatments with premium brands on a unique floating couch. Peelings, body masks and wraps reduce the body volume considerably, eliminate swelling, make your skin smooth and tight.

    Once you have completed your program, you will not be left face to face with temptations and stresses. Verba Mayr physicians stay in contact with our guests. You may consult us at any time, come to the center and receive medical attendance without accommodation, or choose a program corresponding to your goals.

    Austrian health center Verba Mayr waits for you!
    Evgeny Mironov

    Soviet and Russian theater and film actor. People's Artist of Russia. Two-time laureate of the State Prize of Russia. Artistic director of the State Theater of Nations

    "I'm really surprised, I look forward to seeing you again, your Yevgeny Mironov"

    Alena Babenko

    Russian actress of theater and cinema, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation

    "2 days of peace and quiet, oxygen and a warm atmosphere of professionals, able to adjust the body and soul to rest! Thank you very much., It's a pity that only 2 days! Next time I will not miss the opportunity to stay here for a week! Beauty! Health! A. Babenko "

    Elena Sotnikova

    The artist, editor-in-chief Elle Russia from 1996 to 2016.

    “Let's interpret the abbreviation of HLS in a different way. Let's call it the "Green Island of Love". This is about Verba Meyer. Until quite recently it seemed to me that such a place near Moscow simply does not exist. Places where on the first day you forget about the tough everyday life of the metropolis, filling with the comfortable silence and energy of the pine forest. I entrusted Verba Meyer with her iconic jubilee, deciding to spend it in seclusion and a healthy regime of spa procedures and medical manipulations. I was not mistaken. I had the best birthday, as far as possible to imagine. I leave full of energy, ideas, inspiration and, of course, a desire to return.”