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What should you take with you?

Preparation for basic programs

Not later than 2 weeks before your arrival you will receive information about the upcoming visit, the head physician’s recommendations as concerns preparation for the program, as well as a medical questionnaire. To achieve the best result we recommend you to read carefully the Verba Mayr materials, answer all the questions and send the questionnaire to us. The completed medical questionnaire will help us know more about your health condition adjusting the Dr. Mayr’s therapy program for you.

Verba Mayr medical programs include a powerful complex of cleansing and regenerating procedures. To enter the treatment process more effectively it’s desirable to refuse hot drinks and natural coffee, as well as reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day about 2 weeks before you come to us.

Please, remember that for the liver cleanse procedure you must have a report with the ultrasonic investigation of abdominal organs and kidneys results not older than 1 month. In case of a chronic liver disease it’s also necessary to have results of preliminary blood tests for ALT, AST, bilirubin and its fractions, and GGT levels. You can make these tests in advance or in our center within a short period of time.

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