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Special offer

Healthy lung

Take advantage of the special offer: -20% from June 28 to July 5, 2020 when booking a new program

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The "Healthy lungs" program is a new profile course of Verba Mayr for the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases of the respiratory system, as well as for restoring health after acute respiratory diseases and pneumonia.

A detailed diagnostic complex included in the program will provide a complete picture of the state of the respiratory system. European rehabilitation equipment and a modern preventive approach to treatment will allow you to quickly and effectively restore healthy lung functions. The program is available in basic and intensive versions.

Restoration of lung health is impossible without climate therapy-treatment with the environment. Pushkin district for almost a hundred years belongs to the zone recommended for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system. A large forest area with a predominance of coniferous trees, clean air saturated with medicinal phytoncides, and natural humidity provide ideal conditions for treatment, including by the method of climate therapy, without abrupt climate change, aggressive UV rays and temperature.

Take advantage of the special offer for booking the "Healthy lungs" program: -20% on arrival on any day from June 28 to July 7, 2020.

* This promotion is not valid when booking a Single room.

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Discount 20%

Early booking

Book a Wellness program based on early booking conditions with a maximum discount

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Book a Wellness program 6 weeks or more before arrival under the terms of the early booking promotion with a maximum 20% discount.

The promotion is valid for arrivals from may 15 to September 15, 2020.

Enter your arrival date in the booking form. If the arrival date meets the conditions of the "Early booking" promotion, the Manager will contact you and recalculate the cost of the program.

* The offer is only valid for programs from 8 days. This offer is not valid when booking a Single room. The program discount is only applied during the specified period. If the arrival dates are outside the promotion period, the program price can be recalculated at the base rate.

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Discount 5%

Give health

Recommend the Austrian health center Verba Mayr to a friend and get an additional 5% discount on your next trip.

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Dear guest, you are familiar with the method of recovery of Dr. Mayer and you know what a positive effect your stay in our center has. Now you have the opportunity to share your positive experience and get an additional advantage for yourself and your friends!

Recommend the Verba Mayr health center to your friends, and we will give you and your friend an additional 5% discount. The discount is valid for all medical and Spa programs for three days or more. The promotion is valid for arrivals from 15.05.2020 to 15.09.2020, provided that the guest calls the name of the Recommender when booking.

Conditions of the promotion:

The «Gift health» discount is combined with seasonal promotions and is not combined with special offers. It is applied sequentially after the seasonal discount; the "gift health" Discount does not apply to additional services.

The guest must give the name of the referrer when booking to apply the discount «Gift health» ; the Guest can avail a discount of Recommender once on his first arrival at the centre; discount for Guest valid for check-in from 15.05.2020 to 15.09.2020 inclusive.

5% discount for the referrer is valid for check-in from 15.05.2020 to 15.09.2020 inclusive; the Recommender may use the 5% discount only after actual arrival at his recommendation once, regardless of the number of Guests booking on its advice; 5% discount does not apply on arrival of the referee during the holidays; for the Introducer 5% discount applies for programs of 8 days.

* The program discount is only applied during the specified period. If the arrival dates are outside the promotion period, the program price can be recalculated according to the base fare or according to the terms of another seasonal promotion.

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Special offer

Verba Mayr gift certificate

Don't know what to give your loved ones? Choose something that money can't buy-health!

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On the eve of the holiday, we often wonder how to surprise a loved one, how to make a gift not only pleasant, but also useful?

Health care is the most expressive expression of attention and love. A gift certificate to the Austrian health center Verba Mayr will serve as the best proof of your feelings!

Whether it is a relaxing SPA Weekend or a delicate solution to a medical problem, your loved one will decide. And pleasant emotions from rest and treatment in Verba Mayr will keep you both warm for a long time!

You can order a personalized gift certificate in any convenient way:
by phone +74 999 384 384
by mail:
via messenger: viber and whatsapp (79167441041), telegram (verba_mayr)

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