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Effective courses of diagnostics, strengthening and restoration of Your health.

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  • Detox and weight loss9
  • Pain management: neurology and osteopathy1
  • Anti-stress and rest3
  • Biohacking and antiage4
  • In-home detox2
  • Intensive programs3
  • Weekend programs3
  • Check-up4

Annual Check-up for Men

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Annual Check-up for Women

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Check-up Anti-age women

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Check-up Anti-age men

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Fedor Bondarchuk

Film actor, film Director, film and television producer, TV host, music video maker, restaurateur

Thank you for everything!!! Health to you all!!! Hurray!

Igor Vernik

Theater and film actor, producer, TV and radio host, people's artist of the Russian Federation

There are places where you can feel every cell in your body telling you-thank you!! For eating healthy foods, for rid of all the excess, that pleasuring their body massages, body wraps with algae, water baths, dozens of relaxing treatments, walks in the fresh air after which you feel completely relaxed, strong , full of energy, easy - able to fly!

Julia Snigir

Actress of film, television and dubbing, TV presenter, model. Winner of the Russian Government award

In Verba Mayer, I felt like in a science fiction movie about the future and another planet. It is very beautiful and quiet, everyone is happy and calm, everything is clear and professional. The Island Of "Utopia". It remains only to put a mobile phone urn right at the entrance to the territory. Although you can tear yourself away from reality without it — there is no time to look into the phone. Thank you very much — I'm leaving easy and happy. See you later!

Eugene Mironov

Theater and film actor, people's artist of the Russian Federation, artistic Director of the State theater of Nations

Pleasantly surprised. I look forward to seeing you again!

Daria Moroz

Actress, honored artist of the Russian Federation, two-time winner of the film award "Nika"

Delight and delight in the tranquility, atmosphere, professionalism and hospitality. Thanks!


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