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Verba Mayr

About the center

The first center in Russia, providing its guests with all the opportunities for full immersion in the program of Mayr therapy

The only center in Russia working according to the European standards of modern integrative medicine


  • Health medical and SPA center.

  • Gourmet restaurant and healthy food. Individual attitude and excellent service.

  • Strict confidentiality and the atmosphere of a luxury hotel.

  • Modern methods of medical therapy by F. K. Mayer (Austria), approved by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.


What is the method of treatment for Mayr?

Modern Mayr therapy saves us from the "diseases of civilization" — stress, excess weight, insomnia, allergies, energy shortages and other consequences of poor lifestyle. Four steps to health according to Mayr is a soft, natural cleansing of the body, properly selected individually for you nutrition, training in healthy habits, diagnosis and orthomolecular therapy.

A course of therapy on Mayr will change your life. By restarting digestion, you are renewed and filled with energy. The feeling of lightness and youth is noted by all our guests.

3D tourof our center

EN Пресса о нас

Verba Mayr – европейский отель премиум-класса и медицинский центр, соответствующий высоким мировым стандартам.

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en Партнеры

en Мы предлагаем специальные условия для гостей от наших партнеров. В свою очередь, гости Verba Mayr могут воспользоваться дополнительными возможностями при обращении в компании, с которыми мы сотрудничаем.


Fedor Bondarchuk

Film actor, film Director, film and television producer, TV host, music video maker, restaurateur

Thank you for everything!!! Health to you all!!! Hurray!

Igor Vernik

Theater and film actor, producer, TV and radio host, people's artist of the Russian Federation

There are places where you can feel every cell in your body telling you-thank you!! For eating healthy foods, for rid of all the excess, that pleasuring their body massages, body wraps with algae, water baths, dozens of relaxing treatments, walks in the fresh air after which you feel completely relaxed, strong , full of energy, easy - able to fly!

Julia Snigir

Actress of film, television and dubbing, TV presenter, model. Winner of the Russian Government award

In Verba Mayer, I felt like in a science fiction movie about the future and another planet. It is very beautiful and quiet, everyone is happy and calm, everything is clear and professional. The Island Of "Utopia". It remains only to put a mobile phone urn right at the entrance to the territory. Although you can tear yourself away from reality without it — there is no time to look into the phone. Thank you very much — I'm leaving easy and happy. See you later!

EN Видео-прогулка по центру

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