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Verba Mayr

SPA center

Favorite place of VERBA MAYR visitors

The time spent in the VERBA SPA center will give you a feeling of complete physical relaxation and happiness.

A medical approach in combination with innovative methods of influence on all the sensory organs will enable you to get the maximum therapeutic effect from visiting our SPA center. Rooms equipped in accordance with international standards, specially selected cosmetic collection, and high professional skills of our specialists will help you achieve physical and spiritual renewal.

In the VERBA SPA center you will feel delighted with all sorts of thermal procedures including visits to the hamam, Finnish and infrared saunas, as well as impression shower. Immersion in the clear pool water will complete your delight with the water element. You can undergo procedures of skin rejuvenation and age-related changes correction; bring your feet in perfect condition or do a manicure and pedicure that will meet the highest expectations.

Body care, regenerating procedures and consultations of leading experts will enable you to maintain a high body tone and gain strength even within a short time.

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