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Fitness and exercise therapy

Verba Mayr fitness programs

A rest in Verba Mayr center is ideal for creating beautiful body forms. Cleansing, rest, and regular exercises provide a powerful physical energy boost. You literally feel revived and full of strength. Group classes 4 times a day, as well as trainings with a personal coach and a doctor will help you to keep the habit of regular exercises.

As a result, you will have a slim figure, and personal recommendations will help to form an individual training schedule to keep the results you already have obtained.

Our specialists in fitness, as well as therapeutic and recovery exercises have developed a wide range of group and individual programs suitable both for those, who have not practiced sports for a long time, and who are accustomed to regular sports activities.


Breathing exercises will help you to increase the lungs ventilation. Trainings improve blood circulation, saturate tissues with oxygen, make work the diaphragm muscles, as well as intercostal internal and external muscles. As a result of breathing exercises, sleep will improve and the nervous system will recover. The exercises are suitable for all fitness levels.


A pleasant and body tone restoring training in a pool. Natural water resistance is beneficial for muscular and cardiovascular systems. The exercises have favorable effect on the body contours. They relax the nervous system, improve mood and strengthen health. The training is held for two fitness levels: for beginners and in an intensive format.


An outside training at your own pace. The Nordic walking enables you to train your muscles more effectively. Even the muscles that usually don’t work during normal walking, jogging or cycling participate in the process. Due to the walking poles support the load on your joints is minimal, and in terms of energy consumption the Nordic walking with poles corresponds to slow jogging. For all fitness levels.


A strength training to work out the main muscle groups. It’s carried out both with special equipment and with one’s own body weight. The coach will plan the training to achieve your goals in the best and most effective way. Suitable for all fitness levels.


Inspiring and joyful dance classes of various directions: Latin, folk dances, body ballet, strip dance, pair dance, and improvisation. The President of the International Society of Mayr Therapists Alex Witasek recommends dancing as the best and most healthy physical activity! It strengthens all muscle groups, improves coordination of movements, and most importantly, enhances mood of the dancers! The class is ideal for all ages and fitness levels.


A stretching training that teaches a correct biomechanics (anatomical movement). We work out the muscles of the back and abdomen, as well as other muscle groups. As a result, the spinal column is unloaded, flexibility is increased, and tension and stiffness are removed. The load on cartilage tissue and intervertebral discs is reduced. A muscle stretching relieves metabolic products after intense trainings and stabilizes blood pressure. It reduces burden on the nervous system. The training is carried out at a very slow pace and is suitable for all fitness levels.


A training to work out the internal deep muscles, which is enjoyed by everyone. A proper biomechanics of movement enables you to make your muscles elastic, increase the amplitude of movement in the joints, reduce the load on the joints, "stretch" the spinal column, and relieve the compression and gravitational loads. The training is carried out at a slow pace and is suitable for all fitness levels.


Yoga class combines teaching of both correct respiratory rhythms and movements. An hour of conscious practice enables you to work out the body at a deep level: to eliminate muscle clamp and fill yourself with energy. During soft twists and a correct sequence of yoga positions our body cleanses itself of toxins. Specially selected pranayama (respiratory techniques) can stabilize and calm the mind. For all fitness levels. A perfect addition to the detox and anti-stress programs.


A practice of deep relaxation of the body and mind, aimed at relieving stress, clamps and tensions. Thoughts calm down and the body rests. Throughout the training you are lying down with your eyes closed and follow mentally the coach's voice. The practice is suitable for both men and women. For all fitness levels. We recommend combining it with anti-stress programs and the "Osteopathy" program.


An evening gymnastics is a set of exercises aimed at relieving daytime tensions and achieving relaxation that involve major muscle groups, ligaments, joints, and spine. A simple relax complex of stretching exercises, first of all, relieves the back muscles and reduces the spine compression.

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