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In the twentieth century, European medical science came to the comprehension of a human being as a single psycho-physiological organism. Modern European medicine considers any illnesses and even the process of natural aging to be disruptions of the coherent mechanism of functioning of the human body. Health and active longevity are the result of proper body functioning, which, in turn, is the result of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Today, the system of wellness developed by Austrian medical researcher, gastroenterologist and therapist Franz Xaver Mayr is successfully used in more than 22 medical centers in Europe and the world. Verba Mayr Austrian Health Center in Moscow Region is among them

What does Mayr's method of treatment offer?

Mayr therapy involves early diagnosis at the initial stage of the onset of illness, when the person is still in a state of “apparent health”. The doctor diagnoses the early signs of illness and rectifies them with the help of nutrition, exercise, medications, vitamin and mineral supplements.

Dr. F.X. Mayr had studied the digestive organs for many years before making a number of important conclusions about how cleansing the digestive system significantly reduces the likelihood of developing diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and improves the general condition of other organs and the human body as a whole.

On the basis of these conclusions, Mayr developed a treatment methodology based on the four main principles: sparing diet (and reduction of the load on the bowels); irrigation of the bowels with bitter salt and abundant fluid intake (cleansing); training in proper nutrition and daily diet planning; additional intake of vitamins and micronutrients (substitution).

Methods of Dr. Mayr in modern medical practice

Today, professionals at the Austrian Health Center Verba Mayr in Russia offer competent bowel therapy and an innovative Verba Cuisine nutrition program. The technique was found to be highly effective in aesthetic medicine and is a proven remedy for allergies and headaches, neuropsychiatric disorders and stress. It is effective for slowing the aging process of the human body.

"...we have thoroughly studied the medical techniques and approach of Verba Mayr. We were glad to see an exceptionally high level of scientific and practical elaboration of issues related to preventive and anti-aging medicine. This is, no doubt, to the credit of the team, as well as to close international relations with international anti-aging centers. The result of the exchange of experience, continuous learning and improvement”, says Veronika Skvortsova, Minister of Health of the Russian Federation, commenting on the activities of Verba Mayr.

The course of diagnostics and treatment (2-4 weeks + 1 week of pretreatment) is carried out in the facilities of Verba Mayr health center under close control of our specialists. As part of the wellness program, our patients are trained in the culture of healthy nutrition, the skill that is successfully used by the patients in later life.

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