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In order to understand the importance of food in the Dr. Mayr’s concept of health it’s enough to look at the basic formula of health: Healthy nutrition = good food + proper digestion

Austrian physician Dr. Franz Mayr, the founder of Dr. Mayr’s therapy, saw the human body as a “machine”, whose engine is not the heart, but the stomach! The proper work of the whole machine depends on the stomach. The "engine" must be regularly cleansed of wastes and maintained with a proper nutrition. The reward for a healthy lifestyle is great; it includes a high energy potential, mental clarity, beauty of skin and hair, strong immunity, and, of course, as well as increase of the duration and quality of life.

Yes, nutrition following Dr. Mayr’s system implies certain limitations. However, they have nothing in common with the tasteless “diet table” that is familiar to us due to some disastrous health resorts.

The formula of classical Dr. Mayr’s therapy consists of three components: light vegetables that don’t cause bloating; easily digestible protein (turkey, rabbit, etc.), and the absence of hidden allergens (gluten, lactose, etc.).

Delicate cleansing, light and nutritious food, as well as elimination of allergens improves the functioning of the entire gastrointestinal tract. The work of the other organs improves, the skin is cleansed, the energy balance is restored, and the mood improves.

VerbaMayr is the only Mayr therapy center in Russia. Until 2016 it was possible to get acquainted with Dr. Mayr’s principles only abroad, in clinics of Austria, Spain, and Germany. Today, it’s possible to join reliable European traditions of health and longevity in Russia, in the city of Pushkino outside Moscow.

Verba Mayr chef combined the Mayr food principles with restaurant service and achieved a great taste of light and healthy meals.

The result was our branded Verba Cuisine with meals that saturate, heal and inspire. The concept of Verba Cuisine – an haute cuisine based on the Dr. Mayr’s principles of nutrition - was approved by A. Witasek, a physician and the President of the International Society of Mayr Therapists. We pay special attention to the original products. Our menu is based on high quality and fresh vegetables, fish, meat, and lactose-free milk. In our meals we try to use only natural farm products grown under our control.

All bread products are baked in our kitchen and don’t contain gluten, yeast, taste improvers, white sugar, and chicken eggs. Instead of chicken and quail eggs we use guinea fowl eggs. Unlike chicken eggs, guinea fowl eggs cause less allergic reactions and have a very strong shell that protects them from salmonella infection.
Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners at specific time will help your body to adapt to a new diet and develop healthy eating habits.

Visit Verba Mayr and get new taste impressions!


Breakfast: 7:30–10:00

Lunch: 13:00–14:00

Dinner: 17:00–18:30

You can order healthy products from the Verba Mayr restaurant with home delivery using the Web site of our online shop

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